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Newcastle Festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. However, items such as professional adjudicators and venue hire need to be paid for and entry fees only partly cover the costs. Please consider making a donation. Become a FRIEND for £15+ or Become a PATRON for £30+ Each time we print a new programme, we list the names of Friends and Patrons who have made donations during the previous 12 months. You will also be sent a free programme, giving you free admission to the next festival. If you wish to Gift Aid your donation...... please use the CONTACT US button to get touch with our treasurer.


Entries for the 2020 Festival (Entries open 30/11/19 - 25/01/2020)

How to use our On-line Entry System

Entries for 2020 

If you do your on-line shopping from a supermarket or other store you will find that operating this on-line entry system follows a similar process. Making an entry application is the equivalent of placing an order.  The system is designed for use by an adult, parent or teacher, or an adult entrant.

Returning to this page

To return to this (on-line entry home) page click on the festival logo on the top left of any other page.

Returning to the festival website home page (

Click here

Registration and  sign-in

You can look at the content of this system and create entries without having registered or signed in. If, however, you wish to complete the entry, the system will prompt for registration (for first-time use) or sign in, or you can use the sign-in button on the top right of any page at any stage. When registered your details can be viewed/amended by clicking on your name (top right).

Using the search facilities

This application has very powerful search facilities – try it out. Enter e.g. ‘piano’ or ‘choir’ in the search box above (or on any other page).

Using the Menus

The menus are on the left of the page. Clicking on the ‘+’ sign gives a lower level within the category. Clicking on the lowest level will give access to the classes. 

Making an Entry (i.e. 'placing an order')

Having registered and signed in, click on the class to be entered to open the class details and provide the information required  at the bottom of the page.  From this point there are two buttons to be clicked and they should be clicked in this order; the ‘Submit Details’ at the bottom, and ‘Add to Cart’ at the top. The ‘Add to cart’ will not work unless the ‘Submit Details’ has been clicked first.

We request that you use a separate online entry for each competitor.

 If you want to make an entry on another class then use the menu items on the left or the search facility.

When you have successfully made an entry an acknowledgement will be sent to you by email.


The classes in this system constitute the festival syllabus. A documented version may be viewed, downloaded or printed via the appropriate menu item.

Payment and Confirmation of the order

Follow the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ process or click on the ‘Cart’ tab on the top right. Unavoidably, there are six pages to be  navigated from this point. They are explained in order to reduce the time required to go through the process:

  • Summary - check that it accurately reflects what was intended. Delete and re input a class if in error and click 'Proceed to Checkout' at bottom of page. 
  • Sign in - This page only appears if you have not signed in or registered.
  • Address - comments about the order can be made on this page e.g. 'name cannot attend on Saturday'. Click 'Proceed to Checkout' at bottom of page. 
  • Postage - Postage cost of the Programme is included in the price. We use this page for your agreement of the Rules and Child Protection Policy. A tick is required that you agree to these.
  • Payment - select the required method - PayPal, Debit or Credit Card.  Card payments may be made if you proceed through the PayPal selection. Cheques and BACS are not to be used for online entries. 
  • Paper Entries only - If you are paying by cheque (only for paper entries) please make sure that it arrives with the entry, by the deadline, for the entry to be accepted.
  • Confirmation of order

Correcting or changing an entry

An entry, once submitted, can only be amended by deleting in the cart, and resubmitting. 

If the order has been completed then email the entries coordinator ( and request that the order be withdrawn.

If a single class is to be deleted from an order containing several, do so by emailing the entries coordinator. All entrants for that class on that 'order' will be deleter, however, and will need to be reinstated on a replacement entry.

Festival Accompanists

The services of a festival accompanist can be requested through use of the drop-down menu immediately above the 'Add to Cart' button which should be set to 'Yes' prior to clicking 'Add to Cart'.  

If the decision to have the accompanist is made when the entry has been previously submitted, then a separate product (AC 1) is available for the purpose. Do not use this product when the drop-down menu on the class to be performed has been used for the purpose as it will cause duplication.

The music should be sent to the entries coordinator at the time of the entry, to arrive, like payment, before the entry deadline.

Logging in Problems

If you are having problems accessing your account it may be that you have cookies blocked in your Internet browser. As the site uses cookies these need to be enabled. Descriptions of how to do this can be found by following the links below

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o    Internet Explorer

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o    Safari

Other questions

If you do have any other questions please do get in touch at or use the contact link at the top of the page.