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Newcastle Festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. However, items such as professional adjudicators and venue hire need to be paid for and entry fees only partly cover the costs. Please consider making a donation. Become a FRIEND for £15+ or Become a PATRON for £30+ Each time we print a new programme, we list the names of Friends and Patrons who have made donations during the previous 12 months. You will also be sent a free programme, giving you free admission to the next festival. If you wish to Gift Aid your donation...... please use the CONTACT US button to get touch with our treasurer.


Request the services of a festival accompanist.

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  • Request a festival accompanist for an entry submitted without one, but for which an accompanist is now required.  Enter the class number for which the accompanist is needed in the 'other information' space provided below. IF YOU HAVE INDICATED AGAINST THE CLASS THAT YOU NEED AN ACCOMPANIST THEN DO NOT ORDER AGAIN HERE.

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